Deal With Your Rising Damp Problem NOW

The summer may not be the obvious time to be thinking about the problems of damp in your home, however, there are a number of reasons to do exactly that. Warmer, dryer times may have reduced the signs of damp in your home but that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.

Most likely, the warmer weather leads to a drier environment with better ventilation due to more windows and doors being opened more frequently. This, of course, will simply alleviate the outwardly visible symptoms of rising damp or damp caused by water penetration and condensation. The visible signs of damp problems on your walls, both inside your home or on your exterior walls, may reduce a little at this time of year but rest assured if you do not deal with the underlying problems causing your water penetration problem, it may simply return with a vengeance come the autumn and winter.

Act Now and Start Saving

So why tackle the causes of damp now? Firstly, if the signs of damp are reduced it will give you a head start dealing with the cause of your damp problem. Take action now and you can be looking forward to a dryer, cosier and healthier winter ahead.

A further and perhaps even more compelling reason to act now is that you may be able to make extra savings on your installation costs by taking advantage of our 20% Summer Special offer.

The Frank Schrijver System is a greener alternative to more common chemical injection damp proof systems. It offers the additional cost saving benefits of being a natural solution, installed entirely from the outside of your home. There’s no fuss or inconvenience and, more importantly, no expensive redecorating or replastering that traditional damp treatment may require.

Learn more about how the Schrijver System works to naturally reduce moisture in your walls by watching this short informative YouTube video about Schrijver Damp Control

Speak to a Reputable Damp Specialist

Ensure that you make the right decision and choose the most appropriate method of damp control you need to consult a reputable damp specialist. You can give us a call right now and arrange to speak to one of our professional damp specialists who will be able to give you reliable advice and assess whether the Schrijver System is appropriate for your situation.

Trust us, we want to ensure the that you will be completely satisfied. Take a look at our Checkatrade score or the fact that we are a Which Trusted Trader. You can be sure that you are in the hands of a reputable damp specialist.

Get in touch now for a FREE no obligation quote and to secure your Summer Special 20% saving. For further reassurance, all Frank Schrijver installations come with our Lifetime Guarantee, so there couldn’t be a better time to solve your damp problem.