Chemical Injection

In addition to the Schrijver System, we use chemical injection as a moisture-fighting method.  We apply this injection method in some cases where necessary to internal walls in addition to the Schrijver System.

We place our innovative eco-friendly system on the external walls, something we would always recommend over using chemicals unnecessarily.  However, some houses do  experience damp on walls between two rooms, or walls that were once external, but through home renovations are now internal walls. When you experience rising damp on an internal wall, you are somewhat limited in what options are available to you.  We will only recommend chemical injection as a last resort, alongside our proven innovative Schrijver System.  The injection method is not always necessary because our System also dries a few meters of inner walls via the outer walls.

Thanks to the unique installation of the Schrijver System in combination with chemical injection of the inner walls, moisture problems will soon disappear and stay away.

Make Frank Schrijver UK Ltd your one stop shop to solving your entire damp problems.