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When it comes to damp proofing your home, you want to be sure the solution you choose keeps your home damp free for as long as possible. However, when it comes to traditional damp proofing methods and companies, you’ll often find that they prevent damp through the construction of a barrier.

Obviously, this does not address the problem at the root – only provides a temporary solution to damp which then needs to be constantly maintained.

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The Schrijver System: an eco-friendly and permanent solution

The Schrijver System is an alternative damp proofing method. Here’s how it works:

  • It relies on and works with natural processes to protect your home against damp
  • Installed on the outer wall of your property, tiny elements use the natural air flow in your home to prevent damp
  • Instead of covering up the problem, our damp proofing system actually works to
    reduce the levels of moisture and humidity in your home, carrying with it a number
    of ecological, health and cost benefits

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What our customers say

"My house has no damp course and is built of granite. As a result I had a chronic problem with rising damp. There was black mould behind furniture and the very unpleasant smell associated with this.

A neighbour of mine recommended Frank Schrijver’s damp control system and I had this fitted in the Autumn of 2012. I’m glad to say that my house is greatly improved and I would gladly recommend the system to anyone with a similar problem."

J. A. Santer, North Taunton