Proven research

The Schrijver System is a safe, efficient and eco-friendly way to rid your house of damp. But don’t just take our word for it – the efficacy of the Schrijver System is also backed up by pioneering independent trials. Read on to find out more.


Two identical cavity walls were given three weeks to absorb moisture from containers to the point of saturation. The Schrijver System was installed into one, wall A, and wall B was left unchanged.

The relative humidity of each wall was then recorded for a period of 12 weeks, and the volume of water removed measured.


After six weeks, the relative humidity of cavity wall A had fallen to 50%, compared with wall B’s 82%.

Behind wall A (the interior of the wall) the relative humidity was 31%. Wall B showed relative humidity of 49%.


Over the course of three months, just two elements had removed 30 litres more water from wall A than was lost from wall B without the system installed. We can, therefore, see that the Schrijver System is a simple, effective way to control damp.

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