Causes of Damp

To fully appreciate how the Schrijver System can help eliminate the damp in your home, it is first necessary to understand the source and causes of damp.There are three main types: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation.

  1. Rising Damp

    Imagine water being sucked up by a sponge left on a wet surface, and you’ll begin to understand how rising damp affects a house. Traditional damp proofing solutions have relied on creating a barrier to keep out moisture, but this can involve the use of chemicals and is not a permanent solution.
  2. Penetrating Damp

    This occurs when water enters a property which is poorly constructed (it has a badly linked flat roof, for example) or ageing.
  3. Condensation

    When warm air comes into contact with cool air or a cool surface, water vapour is deposited and condensation occurs. Cavity insulation and double glazing only exacerbate the problem as they reduce natural airflow. The Schrijver System uses the condensation process too.

The key to eradicating the damp problem in your home is to achieve the right balance between damp proofing and allowing natural ventilation – and this is where the Frank Schrijver System can help you.