How it works

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How the Schrijver System works

Our system uses natural ventilation to prevent the damp in your home.

This is achieved through a series of small, handmade elements fixed into the outside wall of your property by our expert team. There will be approximately 2.3 elements installed per linear metre, approximately just above the internal skirting board level. However, the exact spacing between the elements and the optimum height are always determined by the Installation Engineers as this can vary depending on the construction of the property and the level of the floors.

Here is the essential principle: dry air constantly flows from the outside into the elements, through an opening. This causes a drop in temperature and a “cold bridge”, which causes moisture from the interior of the wall to be deposited within the element. The natural airflow transports this moisture outside.

The result? A lower humidity level inside your property, dry walls – and continuous protection against damp.