Schrijver System Benefits

Schrijver System Benefits

The Schrijver System offers a whole host of benefits – from saving you money to protecting the health of your family.


Studies have shown that in the UK, more than 3 million people suffer illnesses due to damp in their homes. Damp can be especially tough on the respiratory system, and illnesses such as asthma and rheumatism can be exacerbated by high humidity. In addition, mould spores can aggravate or cause allergies.

In fact, damp can be so potentially harmful to our health that the World Health Organisation have identified it as a serious cause for concern.

The Schrijver System can help to protect you and your family’s health by providing a safe and natural way to remove the damp from your home. Natural airflow is used in the place of any chemicals or potentially harmful substances for your peace of mind.


The Schrijver System is the eco-friendly choice for ridding your house of damp. So much so, that respected environmentalists, such as Russell Smith, are happy to recommend us.

By using natural airflow and the outside environment to dry out your walls, no unnatural chemicals are needed. The Schrijver System also carries a lifetime guarantee – not only saving you money, but lessening your environmental impact, too. As it takes more energy to heat a damp home, the Schrijver System can also mean that you use less energy, with a positive effect on the environment.

Cost and convenience

What our happy customers love most about the Schrijver System is how easy and fuss-free the installation process is. As the system is installed outside the home, you don’t need to worry about moving furniture, dealing with mess, or replastering. In fact, our engineers usually install the system within just one day, and can do so without your presence, so as not to interfere with your schedule.

The Schrijver System is a permanent solution, so doesn’t require costly ongoing maintenance. The system is also guaranteed for life, for your peace of mind.

For your ultimate convenience, the Schrijver System is suitable for almost any property; insulated and non-insulated houses; single brick and cavity walls; new builds and old houses; and even buildings of significance, such as churches, monuments and castles.

Unbeatable service and a lifetime guarantee

We’re so proud of our unique and innovative system that we offer a lifetime commitment to you with every installation. Our reputation for trustworthy and high quality products and workmanship has been built upon years of delivering superior service, and our multi-skilled engineers oversee every project to the highest standards.

“For me, business is personal. The business bears my name and I want it to be one you can trust.”

– Frank Schrijver

To keep improving our offering to you, we invest in continuous training of our team and never hire subcontractors.