Rising Damp Solutions & Treatment

There are three main kinds of damp which affect UK homes: penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation.

Rising damp occurs when a house absorbs the moisture from the ground beneath it – like a sponge on a wet surface. Many traditional damp-proofing methods rely on creating a physical barrier to keep this moisture out, but this is neither sustainable nor economically friendly.

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Rising damp specialists in the UK

We’ve pioneered an innovative system which works with the natural ventilation processes in your home to permanently remove rising damp. Our rising damp specialists have been working in the industry since 1988, so you can feel confident that we’ve got the knowledge and expertise necessary to rid your home of damp for good. So how does it work?

  • The Schrijver System is installed outside your home, through a series of small, handmade elements fixed onto the outer walls
  • Dry air flows from the outside into the elements
  • This causes a drop in temperature and a “cold bridge”, which causes moisture from the interior of the wall to be deposited within the element
  • The natural airflow transports the moisture outside by way of evaporation

The result is continuous protection against all kinds of damp, in a simple and maintenance-free manner.

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What our customers say

“I am writing in response to your recent visit to our property. We were very pleased with the result of your moisture
readings and it was good to have your confirmation that the system had been correctly installed and is working successfully.
Your findings added substance to our own feelings that humidity in the house has been reducing ever since the installation,
and the areas of wall, which had been of great concern, have all now completely dried out.

Finally I must say how impressed we have been with what I would call the ‘Schrijver experience’! From the moment we first
made contact to your recent first anniversary visit all went well. The service we received by telephone and from your
surveyor and the installation engineer, was at all times pleasant, prompt and efficient, and the end result first class”

V & J Blackburn, Cleethorpes