Damp Proofing Costs

Here at Frank Schrijver, we are often asked about our damp proofing cost, however, with each project being unique, we are unable to provide an accurate individual quotation until we have inspected your property.

The size of your property is the first variable that needs to be addressed. We install the small, handmade elements of the Schrijver System to the outer wall of your property, using approximately 2.3 elements per linear metre. So, a mid-terraced house may be different to a semi-detached house, to a detached home or a bungalow.

Then the cost of damp proofing your home may vary whether we need to treat a single wall or the whole property. Obviously treating a single wall is a different cost to damp proofing the entire perimeter of your home or commercial property.

Save on Damp Proofing Costs with The Schrijver System

Because our expert damp specialists install the elements on the outside of your home, one major saving you make over other methods of damp treatment is that you do not have the additional expense of remedial work on interior walls.

As such, you will have the peace of mind that our environmentally-friendly system is working on drawing the moisture from your walls and you do not have the worry of having to replaster and redecorate the inside of your property.

Other Value for Money Benefits

Once the Schrijver System has been installed in your outside walls, our engineers will return, free of charge, within a year of installation, to test your system and ensure that the natural ventilation is working. Dry air flows into our element, causing a drop in temperature, to create a “cold bridge” that draws moisture from within the wall to be deposited in our handmade element. The natural airflow then transports the moisture away from your property.

With over 25,000 successful installations across Europe, a 9.64/10 rating on Checkatrade, our happy customers have called us “price competitive” and “money well spent”, just take a look our testimonials.

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