Damp Proof Alternative

Dutch damp control from the experts

Does your home have a problem with damp? Unsightly and potentially harmful, many homes have a damp problem, and there are a number of common measures used to help. Damp-proofing and dehumidifiers are two methods used to combat damp, but there are only temporary and can be potentially costly to maintain. The Dutch Damp Control system is the solution!

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Dutch damp control with a difference

Here at Frank Schrijver, our experts have formulated a system which offers a permanent, safe and more eco-friendly solution to damp. The Schrijver System is a first in Dutch damp control; a damp control method which uses just the natural airflow of your home to eradicate damp problems.

We’re a small, family-run company, and as we have been pioneering in this industry since 1988, we are the experts in Dutch damp control. The Schrijver System is now installed in over 25,000 homes across Europe – if you’re ready to say goodbye to your damp problem for good, yours can be next.

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What our customers say

“I am 100% satisfied with the Schrijver System installed at my home. As I am an Architect and have been working on the traditionally damp proof systems all these years, from now on I will definitely recommend the Schrijver System.”

M Ghause, Nottingham