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We know all there is to know about damp. Having been experts in this industry since 1988, we’ve seen all causes, types and variations of damp. This has led to our damp specialists creating an innovative new product to target damp problems in your home for good: the Schrijver System.

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Looking for damp specialists?
Find out how the Schrijver System works…

Our permanent, eco-friendly solution to damp works alongside the natural ventilation processes in your home to remove damp. Here’s how it works:

  • Small, handmade elements fixed into the outer wall of your property – approximately 2.3 elements installed per each linear metre
  • Dry air flows from the outside into the elements, causing a drop in temperature and a “cold bridge”
  • This causes moisture from the wall’s interior to be deposited inside the element – the natural airflow then transports this moisture outside by way of evaporation
  • This results in a lower level of humidity inside your home, dry walls – and no damp!

If you have any more questions about our damp proofing system, talk to our damp specialists on 01689 800 101 or by sending an email to

What our customers say

"From our various experiences with firms within the property/building industry, Frank Schrijver Ltd’s honesty and professionalism, coupled with efficiency and high quality workmanship has impressed us greatly. Their work lives up to their claims and our property has been free from damp since. Unlike Most firms, Frank Schrijver Ltd truly care about their customers, which is reflected in their excellent after sales customer care.”

Dr and Mrs Saleh, Ilford