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We’re proud to have helped 25,000 households across Europe get rid of their damp problems for good. For this reason we continue to be a UK market leader in damp control – and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Here’s what just a few of our loyal customers think about the Schrijver System.

“We should like to express our complete satisfaction with the damp control work carried out by your company and with the explanations given by your surveyor,  The workmen were very competent, tidy and the final check a year later was also thoroughly dealt with.  We should have no hesitation in recommending your company and all the staff involved.  Thank you for all your help.”

Dr Thomas, Essex
October 2017

“Thank you for the excellent Damp Control System your company has installed in my property, after one year the results are beyond my expectations.  Your customer service was very good, the work was started and completed on the times arranged, the workmen cleared away all the waste debris every day.  They answered all questions, were polite and worked extremely hard on this difficult property.  I highly recommend the company and their product.”

J Austen, Norfolk
August 2017

“I am so pleased with the Schrijver System installed at our house in 2016.  The installers were friendly, professional and ensured we were happy with what they were doing.  They tidied up after the work and took any rubbish away.  Most important of all the System works!!!  The 12-month review showed that the dampness had considerably reduced!!”

P Knox, East Sussex
February 2017

Schrijver Damp Control has proven such a success for us. We first used the company when we bought a house in 2007 and had such good results, that when we moved to this new address we know we wanted them to repeat the magic! The crew who came to do the installation were friendly, informative, helpful and hardworking. Also quite importantly they cleaned the site when they were finished, taking the rubble away and it all clean and tidy. We recently had the follow-up recheck results – one year since installation which shows a significant drop in the damp levels and which will continue to keep the walls damp free!

Mrs. Ward, East Sussex
February 2017

“I have had dampness on the external walls for a number of years, my partner and I, having done considerable research on the provision of a new damp proof course, decided to employ Frank Schrijver UK Ltd to install the system.  A significant feature of this system is that no internal work is required – a considerable advantage over all other methods that we looked at.  On contacting Schrijver, we found them very helpful, and on request, they provided us with the contact details of another client locally who gave us a reassuring reference. Our experience with the work has certainly matched the claims the company makes.  The installation was carried out in one day with almost no disruption, and the two pleasant installers who carried out the work, cleared up efficiently when they had completed.  Most importantly of all, we have just had the twelve-month inspection and moisture testing, which is undertaking included in their contract.  The test results show that the system has brought the moisture content down in all the walls installed and well into acceptable levels, and which we are now having redecorated with confidence.

We were impressed with the service that Schrijver have given us, and the effectiveness of their system, and are happy to recommend the company to anyone considering installation of the system.”

A Taber, Surrey
January 2017

“You fitted your Damp System into our house in December 2015. The two operatives who did the installation were most efficient, clean, tidy and customer friendly.  Mr Chambers visited us on 1st December 2016 and the readings taken, then proved what a successful system you had installed.  Thank you for your solution to our problem.”

D Harper, Hampshire
December 2016

“Your system was installed at my property in December 2014 and I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the way it’s working. In the past I’ve been plagued by condensation on the windows and black mould on internal walls, but since the elements were fitted, the condensation has reduced dramatically and once the black mould was cleaned away, it didn’t return.

I would also like to commend the two installers. They arrived early, worked hard without a break and as an added bonus swept up the leaves in the garden!

I would also like to praise your specialist, he was very knowledgeable and not at all ‘pushy’.

Thank you for solving a long-standing problem, and I’m more than happy to recommend your company to anyone who might need your services in the future.

Thank you again.”

J Witter, London
12th December 2014

“My house has no damp course and is built of granite. As a result I had a chronic problem with rising damp. There was black mould behind furniture and the very unpleasant smell associated with this.

A neighbour of mine recommended Frank Schrijver’s damp control system and I had this fitted in the Autumn of 2012. I’m glad to say that my house is greatly improved and I would gladly recommend the system to anyone with a similar problem.”

J. A. Santer, North Taunton
8th October 2012

“Thank you for your visit and inspection on 4th December last year.

This is a letter of recommendation for your system for you to pass on to prospective clients, in addition to using our address for people to inspect should they wish to ‘see how it looks’ before going ahead.

We have lived in Hill House, a typical 200 year old, rendered, Cambridgeshire village house for the past 35 years. Build of brick and clunch, and without a damp course we have always had problems associated with rising damp.

About 10 years ago we had an ‘injected’ damp course installed which was very disruptive and made little or no difference.

Whilst your system is not cheap, the fact that no internal plaster had to be removed, and all the work was conducted to the outside of the walls, were major factors in going ahead with installation in October 2010.

The survey and quotation was professionally undertaken, the installation was completed in two days, all the ‘mess’ was cleared up immediately and removed. The finished job looked good, and is even better now since we had the house repainted last year.

AND IT WORKS! Damp in the external walls and the associated problems have reduced significantly over the past year, and we are very happy with the result.

I have no hesitation in recommending your innovative damp course system to others. An excellent job, well done and thank you.”

D McKee, Royston
14th November 2011

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the work you have done on our property, Ours is a period property on a flood plain and it seriously needed some attention, and I really can’t sing the praises of both your system and your company loudly enough. There’s the cost and lack of hassle – because there is no disruption to the inside of the property, your approach worked out cheaper than ripping out the plaster and fitted furniture that traditional damp proofing would have entailed. There’s the excellent service – pleasant, obligation free initial inspection, very swift installation (I think it took had a day to do!) and your commitment to insist on a one year follow up inspection to ensure that the system was working and that we were happy. And we are, because the system really does work – the walls were saturated before, but not now. And by no means least, the discrete aesthetic appearance of the bricks are so pleasant that most visitors assume your bricks are an original decorative feature, not a modern addition with a functional purpose. Frankly, the fact that your system is environmentally friendly and comes with a lifetime guarantee is just sugar coating!”

A Chapman, Reading
23rd April 2010

“I am writing in response to your recent visit to our property. We were very pleased with the result of your moisture readings and it was good to have your confirmation that the system had been correctly installed and is working successfully. Your findings added substance to our own feelings that humidity in the house has been reducing ever since the installation, and the areas of wall, which had been of great concern, have all now completely dried out.

Finally I must say how impressed we have been with what I would call the ‘Schrijver experience’! From the moment we first made contact to your recent first anniversary visit all went well. The service we received by telephone and from your surveyor and the installation engineer, was at all times pleasant, prompt and efficient, and the end result first class”

V & J Blackburn, Cleethorpes
4th May 2010

“Having spent many years trying to resolve the damp problems in my house, I heard about the Schrijver System from a friend.

A phone call to them was quickly followed up with a thorough survey and a competitive quote. Although internal damp courses might have been cheaper, there would have been major disruption and re-decorating which I wished to avoid.

The system was installed in a day, and the outside of my house was left immaculate. Within a short time we began to notice the improvement, the house felt more snug as the air was drier, mildew and mould were no longer in evidence and the damp smell had completely gone. Schrijver followed up with a visit after twelve months to do a further survey, in line with their money back guarantee if the system had not worked.

I would thoroughly recommend this system, it is ideal for the damp conditions that prevail in this country and works wonderfully.”

S Tinkler, Wirral
7th May 2009

“I live in a brick house built in 1891 and purpose designed as a Vicarage. The house is substantial in size and the design of the walls, by today’s standards, is unusual.

Over the years the original pitch damp proof course has decayed in places, which has given rise to a degree of rising damp in the walls in a number of places.

Considerable research and examination of a number or rival systems led me to Frank Schrijver UK Ltd and, seeing that it is a Dutch firm and that I have social connections in Holland, I investigated the Company’s record in their country of origin. I received very positive results from this source, my friends saying that the company is well known in Holland and that the system is well used and is a successful one.

With this information in hand, I contacted the Company in the UK. The response was prompt and technically reassuring and a survey of my property was arranged. As a result the work to install the system was started shortly afterwards.

I am very satisfied indeed with the result. The work was done quickly, neatly and extremely well. I have considerable personal experience of brickwork and I cannot fault the installation in any way. Moreover, the company engineer who actually did the work on my walls over two days, was hardworking, technically competent, completely trustworthy and very pleasant to have around the place. His tidiness and the clean state in which he left the property was exemplary.

It is now 12 months since the work was completed and the follow up inspection of their work by the company shows that my walls are drying out nicely and that the system is working well: I have nothing but praise for the Company, the system itself and the way the work has been done.

Rising damp in an old property is a particularly intractable problem. The Schrijver system is by far the best solution that I have discovered.”

JBB Clee, Bulford Village
31st March 2008

“When my daughter moved into the annex of my house 3 years ago I installed double-glazing for greater comfort. However, after this the walls became mouldy with black fungus and the carpets and clothes stored in the annex were affected and had to be thrown away. I sought advice from local damp specialists, at a price, who told me it was a lifestyle problem and we should install air bricks, extraction units etc. We did this and less than a year later the black fungus returned, the carpets and clothing had to be thrown away and replaced again.

As a last resort I contacted Schrijver. We were visited by a handsome young man, who carried out a complete FREE survey showing the walls had very large amounts of damp present, and recommended that his system would cure the problem. We accepted his offer and a date was fixed for installation. This was done promptly and cleanly leaving no mess at all. Since then we have not had any black fungus, the carpets are dry and the clothes are unaffected. At the end of the year we asked for a follow up survey and the damp in the walls had fallen from the previous 45% to less than 2%.

Obviously the system works exceedingly well and we would recommend its use to people with problems similar to ours.”

J Stevens, Cheam
1st May 2010

“I am 100% satisfied with the Schrijver System installed at my home. As I am an Architect and have been working on the traditionally damp proof systems all these years, from now on I will definitely recommend the Schrijver System.”

M Ghause, Nottingham
18th December 2007

“From our various experiences with firms within the property/building industry, Frank Schrijver Ltd’s honesty and professionalism, coupled with efficiency and high quality workmanship has impressed us greatly. Their work lives up to their claims and our property has been free from damp since. Unlike Most firms, Frank Schrijver Ltd truly care about their customers, which is reflected in their excellent after sales customer care.”

Dr and Mrs Saleh, Ilford
19th July 2007

“On purchasing this property with a view to renovate, friends and relations considered I had made a big mistake. Walls were soaking wet, floors damp and rotten.

Yellow Pages provided names and numbers for various damp proofing companies. Did the usual, three inspections, three quotes and details of what’s involved.
Two companies needed to remove interior plaster half way up the walls, treat same and at a later date replaster – messy and costly, also no guarantees.

Schrijver System saw no problems, worked only on the outside, guaranteed no mess, price competitive and offered to return free of charge within the year to test their system, good enough for me and within a very short time my house had dried out. A year down the line, retest done and proved positive success. Also appearance attractive. Money well spent – Thank you.”

E Ramsay, Pembrey
5th June 2007

“I am writing to tell you how well the Schrijver damp control system has worked on our house and how pleased we are that we chose it.

Our house was built in 1912 and has a number of peculiarities that contribute to rising damp: it is a single skin brick construction, is set very low in the ground, and the previous owner had both blocked up air bricks and rendered over the original slate damp-proof course. When we bought the house the owners before us had had chemical damp proofing installed but it was ineffective and required regular visits from the company to try to remedy problems. We reinstalled airbricks and removed the soil around the house but addressing the problem of rising damp from the bridged damp-proof course proved a far more difficult problem. We were even considering a very disruptive remedy: sawing into the bricks to insert a new slate course.

When we received your brochure I was impressed by the technical information given. As a chartered engineer myself, I found the technical design of the system very convincing. As I know that the more common ceramic or plastic inserted tubing sometimes used is not particularly effective. That information convinced us to have the Schrijver System installed.

We are very pleased with the quickness with which our work was scheduled, and very impressed by your team’s promptness. Though the run of the wall is quite long, it took them less than a day and the job was so neat that when I came home I had to check that they’d actually completed it – no mess left behind! The installation is visually unobtrusive as well and does not detract from the appearance of the house.

One year on, the check on the system was conducted last week and (as we already knew from improvements in the atmosphere in the house and the disappearance of damp patches from the interior walls) has proved very effective in making the house dry and comfortable.

Thank you for making such an effective system available in the UK.”

LS Keller, Biddenham
12th May 2010

“In May 2010 you installed the Schrijver system at our bungalow in Thorpe. We had some damp patches in parts of our walls and these attracted moulds. This in turn affected my wife’s asthma. We proceeded with the work as it seemed that your system would greatly improve the situation. Two of your staff completed the installation with the minimum of inconvenience to ourselves.

Over the following months we found the great improvement that we had hoped for.

On May 31 2011 Mr. Schrijver visited our property and took various readings around the house. We are pleased to say that they confirmed what we had believed and that there had been a great improvement with the Damp Meter Readings.

We believe that it was a good investment in our property and would have no hesitation in recommending the Schrijver System to others, as in our case we no longer have the mould problem and my wife’s health has markedly improved with a reduction in medication.”

J Mitchelmore, Thorpe
1st August 2011