What are the best ways to get rid of mould?

Mould and mildew are types of fungus that appear as a result of high moisture levels. One of the biggest causes is bathroom condensation although mould can be an indication of rising damp too. Extensive rainfall can result in increased humidity or there could be a weakness in external walls or guttering. It’s essential to identify the type of damp so it can be treated quickly and effectively. Children and the elderly are most at risk, particularly those with skin conditions or respiratory issues. It’s important to get rid of any mould if it appears as spores can spread swiftly.

  • Use a specialist mould cleaning spray to remove the mould. Follow the instructions for use as per the packaging.
  • Clean mould using a disposable cloth. Keep the doors of the room you are cleaning shut as the spores from the mould will become airborne when cleaning.
  • Repeat this in all the rooms affected, throwing away the cloth each time or you could spread the mould.
  • If there is no re-occurrence, anti-mildew paint can be used on affected walls.
  • An electric dehumidifier might help with short-term mould prevention.

What are the best ways to get rid of mould? Get rid of condensation.

To ensure mould does not return to your property, you need to identify the cause. The issue might be the result of condensation, which can be remedied by tackling humidity levels ventilating the property and using an extractor fan in the kitchen whilst cooking. For blocked guttering, leaking pipes behind a wall and rising damp, contact the experts. Damp Control specialists Schrijver has a chemical-free solution that’s also eco-friendly.

  • The Schrijver System reduces moisture from external walls
  • Guaranteed for life, no harmful chemicals are used – just natural processes.
  • All work is undertaken from the outside your property.
  • The Schrijver system is more cost effective than traditional damp treatments that require redecorating and replastering.
  • The system uses natural airflow to reduce moisture levels in the external brickwork
  • Results in lower humidity level and continuous protection

What are the best ways to get rid of mould? How about an extractor fan?