Damp Proofing Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

If you have a damp problem in your home, the first thing you’ll need to do is locate the source of the water ingress.

You might have a damp patch on your wall or a musty smell from the black mould that’s attracted to the damp inside your house.

Whatever the source of your damp problem, you’ll need to get it fixed quickly. Whether that’s fixing the roof tiles, repairing a broken window frame or fitting the Frank Schrijver System of Damp Control, you’ll want the peace of mind that your home is dry and safe.

Mouldy interiors are not just unsightly but black mould is a health hazard too, especially for babies, pregnant women and the elderly. If you have a respiratory problem then the spores of theĀ fungi Stachybotrys chartarum can make your breathing issues worse. If you didn’t have an underlying problem then black mould could actually cause it.

Even if you don’t have those mouldy black spots around your window frames and skirting boards, damp can be a problem in other ways.

Damp patches on walls are unsightly and can damage your plaster work or wallpaper. Repairing such things is costly.

Environmentally-Friendly Damp Proofing

Frank Schrijver’s system of Dutch Damp Control is a natural solution to damp problems in the home.

Rather than use chemical injection methods to replace your damp proof course, synthetic rods drilled all the way into your walls or man-made potentially toxic coatings, our method of damp control is natural and environmentally-friendly.

The Schrijver solution is applied via the exterior walls of your property so you don’t need to waste money on redecorating, whether that’s costly plasterwork or wallpapering your walls.

Next we insert the patented Schrijver elements into your exterior walls, secure them in place and then let nature take its course. Dry air from outside causes a “cold bridge” in the element and removes moisture from your walls, thus controlling your damp problem and proofing your home. You can see

As well as being good for the environment, the Schrijver System need not cost the earth in financial terms either. Contact our team of Damp Specialists on 01689 800101 and, if you’re the homeowner, ask for a free damp inspection.