Landlords: Control Damp in your Rented Homes

As a landlord, you’ll want to maximise the return on your investment. That means offering a well-maintained property for a reasonable price.

If your rented property has a damp problem then it is well worth fixing. Not only will your rented property be more cosmetically pleasing but it will be clean and healthy and command a better rental price.

Only last month a landlady in Ellesmere Port was ordered to pay over £2,000 by Chester Magistrates Court. This included £1,200 of fines, over £800 in court costs and a £120 victim surcharge. This was in addition to having to conduct the remedial work to fix the damp problem in the flat she rented to private tenants.

So, to avoid costly fines, it is essential that you maintain your property to ensure that it is in an acceptable condition and state of repair.

If you have a damp problem then it is in your best interests to get a solution in place as soon as possible.

Contacting Frank Schrijver is quick and easy:

Just call 01689 800101 now or fill in our easy contact form.

One of our damp specialists should be able to attend your property within 2-10 days to perform a damp inspection. If you are the property owner then the assessment is free of charge.

If your property requires damp control then we will provide a written quote with a lifetime guarantee. Compared to other methods of damp proofing, the Schrijver System is extremely cost-effective.

The most appealing benefit of our system to landlords is that it is installed from the outside of your property so there is no costly interior redecoration needed, as with other systems, and no disruption to your tenants.

For further information on our method of damp proofing, find out about The Schrijver System and how it works.

If you’d like to keep your property in tip-top condition, comply with housing law, keep your tenants happy and get the best price for your rented property, then fix any damp problems in your portfolio.