Rising Damp, Fact or Myth?

Our industry sometimes comes under attack with attempts to discredit many companies selling and installing damp proofing treatments or products. This is understandable because the problem of structural damp has many causes, some of which can be interrelated. This means that the reasons for damp being evident can be easily misdiagnosed and the wrong method of management recommended.

You may have even heard some say that “true rising damp is a myth”. This statement is often attributed to Stephen Boniface, who was a former chairman of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

However, he clarified this statement later in a post made on the Surveying Property website saying;

“Whilst I have often been quoted as stating ‘rising damp is a myth’ the only time I have ever said that phrase (or similar) is once when delivering a paper at a conference and then using the intake of breath as a cue to then develop the argument further and explore the issue of damp. In other words, I used the phrase provocatively (it usually worked).”

In many situations, it is clear that the signs of damp such as rotting skirting boards, stained walls, blistering paper or paintwork, black mould, rotting floor boards or the unpleasant odour are caused by moisture finding its way into your walls. If this water is rising from the ground then rising damp is what you have to deal with.

Damp Proofing Methods

The options you have to consider are:

  • Replacement of a physical damp proof course
  • Land drainage
  • Injection of chemical damp proof course
  • Damp-proofing rods
  • Electrical-osmotic systems
  • Natural evaporative system

The first two options are often impractical or impossible, the second two involve the use of harsh chemicals and usually require lots of disruptive and expensive internal re-plastering and decorating work. Electrical systems have little evidence to support them.

Environmentally-friendly damp control

Natural evaporation is the principal of the Frank Schrijver System and offers the most straightforward installation, entirely fitted from the outside of your home, no fuss or mess inside. No wiring, no chemicals, no plastering, environmentally friendly and guaranteed for life. The system simply facilitates and augments natural evaporation leaving your walls dryer, permanently.

See how it works

No ‘snake oil’ or ‘smoke and mirrors’. The Frank Schrijver System uses a natural evaporative process, for more explanation take a look at how our system works. For further reassurance take look at our scientific test to measure results in Proven Research.

The Damp Specialists

The first step is to have your damp problem assessed by a damp specialist. Your Frank Schrijver Damp Specialist will only recommend the system if it is appropriate, we value our reputation and have installed in over 25,000 properties.

Want to find out more about how Frank Schrijver can help you with your damp problems?

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