A Taber

“I have had dampness on the external walls for a number of years, my partner and I, having done considerable research on the provision of a new damp proof course, decided to employ Frank Schrijver UK Ltd to install the system. A significant feature of this system is that no internal work is required – a considerable advantage over all other methods that we looked at. On contacting Schrijver, we found them very helpful, and on request, they provided us with the contact details of another client locally who gave us a reassuring reference. Our experience with the work has certainly matched the claims the company makes. The installation was carried out in one day with almost no disruption, and the two pleasant installers who carried out the work, cleared up efficiently when they had completed. Most importantly of all, we have just had the twelve-month inspection and moisture testing, which is undertaking included in their contract. The test results show that the system has brought the moisture content down in all the walls installed and well into acceptable levels, and which we are now having redecorated with confidence.

We were impressed with the service that Schrijver have given us, and the effectiveness of their system, and are happy to recommend the company to anyone considering installation of the system.”