J Mitchelmore

“In May 2010 you installed the Schrijver system at our bungalow in Thorpe. We had some damp patches in parts of our walls and these attracted moulds. This in turn affected my wife’s asthma. We proceeded with the work as it seemed that your system would greatly improve the situation. Two of your staff completed the installation with the minimum of inconvenience to ourselves.

Over the following months we found the great improvement that we had hoped for.

On May 31 2011 Mr. Schrijver visited our property and took various readings around the house. We are pleased to say that they confirmed what we had believed and that there had been a great improvement with the Damp Meter Readings.

We believe that it was a good investment in our property and would have no hesitation in recommending the Schrijver System to others, as in our case we no longer have the mould problem and my wife’s health has markedly improved with a reduction in medication.”