J Stevens

“When my daughter moved into the annex of my house 3 years ago I installed double-glazing for greater comfort. However, after this the walls became mouldy with black fungus and the carpets and clothes stored in the annex were affected and had to be thrown away. I sought advice from local damp specialists, at a price, who told me it was a lifestyle problem and we should install air bricks, extraction units etc. We did this and less than a year later the black fungus returned, the carpets and clothing had to be thrown away and replaced again.

As a last resort I contacted Schrijver. We were visited by a handsome young man, who carried out a complete FREE survey showing the walls had very large amounts of damp present, and recommended that his system would cure the problem. We accepted his offer and a date was fixed for installation. This was done promptly and cleanly leaving no mess at all. Since then we have not had any black fungus, the carpets are dry and the clothes are unaffected. At the end of the year we asked for a follow up survey and the damp in the walls had fallen from the previous 45% to less than 2%.

Obviously the system works exceedingly well and we would recommend its use to people with problems similar to ours.”