JBB Clee

“I live in a brick house built in 1891 and purpose designed as a Vicarage. The house is substantial in size and the design of the walls, by today’s standards, is unusual.

Over the years the original pitch damp proof course has decayed in places, which has given rise to a degree of rising damp in the walls in a number of places.

Considerable research and examination of a number or rival systems led me to Frank Schrijver UK Ltd and, seeing that it is a Dutch firm and that I have social connections in Holland, I investigated the Company’s record in their country of origin. I received very positive results from this source, my friends saying that the company is well known in Holland and that the system is well used and is a successful one.

With this information in hand, I contacted the Company in the UK. The response was prompt and technically reassuring and a survey of my property was arranged. As a result the work to install the system was started shortly afterwards.

I am very satisfied indeed with the result. The work was done quickly, neatly and extremely well. I have considerable personal experience of brickwork and I cannot fault the installation in any way. Moreover, the company engineer who actually did the work on my walls over two days, was hardworking, technically competent, completely trustworthy and very pleasant to have around the place. His tidiness and the clean state in which he left the property was exemplary.

It is now 12 months since the work was completed and the follow up inspection of their work by the company shows that my walls are drying out nicely and that the system is working well: I have nothing but praise for the Company, the system itself and the way the work has been done.

Rising damp in an old property is a particularly intractable problem. The Schrijver system is by far the best solution that I have discovered.”