LS Keller

“I am writing to tell you how well the Schrijver damp control system has worked on our house and how pleased we are that we chose it.

Our house was built in 1912 and has a number of peculiarities that contribute to rising damp: it is a single skin brick construction, is set very low in the ground, and the previous owner had both blocked up air bricks and rendered over the original slate damp-proof course. When we bought the house the owners before us had had chemical damp proofing installed but it was ineffective and required regular visits from the company to try to remedy problems. We reinstalled airbricks and removed the soil around the house but addressing the problem of rising damp from the bridged damp-proof course proved a far more difficult problem. We were even considering a very disruptive remedy: sawing into the bricks to insert a new slate course.

When we received your brochure I was impressed by the technical information given. As a chartered engineer myself, I found the technical design of the system very convincing. As I know that the more common ceramic or plastic inserted tubing sometimes used is not particularly effective. That information convinced us to have the Schrijver System installed.

We are very pleased with the quickness with which our work was scheduled, and very impressed by your team’s promptness. Though the run of the wall is quite long, it took them less than a day and the job was so neat that when I came home I had to check that they’d actually completed it – no mess left behind! The installation is visually unobtrusive as well and does not detract from the appearance of the house.

One year on, the check on the system was conducted last week and (as we already knew from improvements in the atmosphere in the house and the disappearance of damp patches from the interior walls) has proved very effective in making the house dry and comfortable.

Thank you for making such an effective system available in the UK.”